All About Single Egg Poachers

Single egg poachers provide moderate portions of rich, luscious eggs cooked to perfection and loaded with nutrient. The variety of designs and materials allow adaptability for any cooking method and preference.

single egg poachers
A single egg poacher comprises an egg well that holds a single egg. Some come with a bracing tray that suspends the egg well across the top of a pan; others do not, consisting of a buoyant material that floats the egg well in water.

Materials used in a one egg poacher vary widely. Some are silicone, and some are metal, and some might be plastic.

A single poacher can be used on the stove in a pan or in the microwave, depending on material. Some microwave models come with a snap-on lid, but not all do.

Some stove top models combine a single well unit with a tray. The tray braces along the top of the pan and suspends the egg well in the heated water but allows the poached egg to be removed from the liquid without a separate utensil.

Most stove top models provide openings for independent wells. This configuration provides removal of a single egg poacher well when the egg is ready and others to continue to poach.

single egg poacher

Popular Models
Decorative poachers join visual appeal with convenient use. Yellow egg poachers look like broken egg shells, and others resemble a bag or flexible bucket, both of which are stove top models.

A microwave poacher comprises an egg well that is flat on the bottom, enabling stable resting in the oven, and a connected tray that spreads outward and allows easy placement and retrieval of the poacher. It may be hot, however, so protect the hands from the higher temperature of the material.

Some metal poachers have non-stick surfaces which allow the poached egg to slide easily onto a plate or into a bowl or cup. If the poacher is not a “non-stick” model, all hope isn’t lost. Simply apply a light coat of margarine or a non-stick spray and cook as usual. Some microwave models require either a bit of water or butter or margarine in the bottom of the cup well to attain the same effect. Read the operating instructions carefully for restrictions and conditions for the microwave.

steel single egg poacher

A single egg poacher combines a smaller portion with ease, convenience, and tasty nutrition. Whether used in the microwave or on the stove, one egg poachers can be decorative or plain, metal or non-metal and non-stick or standard. Only personal preference rules the poached egg roost.

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