Five Things to Look for in an Egg Poacher Pan

Eggs are a fantastic and versatile food, perfect for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying snack. As a good source of protein, many people enjoy their eggs scrambled or hard boiled. However, egg lovers should remember that those traditional methods are not the only ways to appreciate an egg. In fact, one of the best ways to enjoy an egg is through poaching. Thanks to well made pans and kitchen equipment, it is now easier than ever to poach an egg at home.

For those who may not be sure what to look for, here are five tips to find the best egg poacher pan:

1. Size - There are usually two main sizes to consider when it comes to egg poacher pans. Most commonly, these pans are designed for four eggs. This makes them equivalent to an average sauce pan, which can be convenient to store. However, for those who wish to make eggs in larger amounts, it is possible to find a six egg poacher pan. These pans tend to be a bit larger, which can be somewhat cumbersome.

2. Nonstick - Cooking eggs is a delicate task. Therefore, making sure that the egg poacher pan has a nonstick surface can be a huge element when selecting a pan. Without a nonstick surface, the egg may have a tendency to stick, which may not only ruin the end result, but can also make the pan very difficult to clean.

3. Handle - Because most egg poacher pans are used on the stove top, they will resemble a sauce pan. This means that the egg poacher pan will have some sort of handle to help hold the pan in place or to assist with serving. It is a good idea to see how big the handle is and of what material it is made. Some handles have a tendency to get hot, making them burn risks during the cooking process.

4. Lid – Another feature of an egg poacher pan to consider is the lid. Lids will come in various materials and appearances, all of which can impact the quality of the pan. Whatever style of lid is being used, it is important that it has a good fit and is easy to remove.

5. Heating process – While the majority of egg poacher pans are stove top options that rely on a burner for the cooking process, there are egg poacher pans that have their own electrical heating mechanisms to get the job done. These pans can be more expensive, but are specially programmed with the correct temperatures to perfectly poach an egg.

These five factors can help anyone choose the right egg poacher pan so it is possible to enjoy tasty and healthy eggs anytime at home.

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