Nordic Ware, Farberware, and Demeyere Egg Poacher Reviews

Finding the Perfect Egg Poacher

When it comes to the perfect egg poacher, the style, size and brand that work best for you will largely depend on personal preference, as well as budget, family size and kitchen space. Egg poacher options range from single egg poacher cups for under $5 to luxury stainless steel 6 egg poacher sets with removable egg poacher trays and well-made saucepans and clear glass lids that can be used for any number of cooking tasks.

Here are egg poacher reviews for three popular egg poacher brands to assist you in determining which egg poacher is right for you.

1. Nordic Ware Egg Poacher

Nordic Ware offers both a nonstick 4 egg poacher insert for use with your own saucepan and 2 and 4 egg poacher cup microwave egg poachers. These budget egg poachers are available for less than $10 and are a good choice for people who prefer microwave poaching; however, achieving a good poached egg in a microwave egg poacher does take some practice. Both styles of Nordic Ware egg poachers are easy to clean and small enough to accommodate use in smaller kitchens.

Nordic Ware also makes a nonstick combination egg poacher and omelet pan that retails for approximately $15 and allows poaching of up to three eggs at once. While Nordic Ware egg poachers are a good option for folks on a budget, they are not a good choice for folks who are concerned about environmental or health concerns of cooking with plastic or items with nonstick coating.

2. Farberware Egg Poacher

In the realm of poaching eggs, Farberware is perhaps best known for their nonstick egg poachers. Offering several 4 egg poachers in the $20-$30 price range, Farberware provides an affordable option for folks who are shopping for a stovetop egg poacher that fits their budget. One example is the Farberware Nonstick Aluminum Egg Poacher with Glass Lid. The glass lid provides the benefit of easy monitoring, while the nonstick surface allows for easy cleaning after use. The removable egg poaching tray allows for using the oven- and dishwasher-safe pan for other cooking tasks and Farberware also sells a nonstick egg and pancake ring set that fits into the pan for additional functionality. While Farberware nonstick egg poachers are mostly nonstick, the actual egg poacher cups are not. The egg poacher cups are plastic and will need to be greased for easy poached egg removal.

3. Demeyere Egg Poacher

The Demeyere 7-inch stainless steel 4 egg poacher set is a good example of the style and quality offered by this well-known name in cookware. This Demeyere egg poacher comes with a 7-inch saucepan that can be used with or without the egg poacher tray, a clear glass lid for easy monitoring during cooking and four egg poacher cups with handles for easy removal. The stainless steel material allows for even heating and easy cleaning, and provides a reliable cooking time that makes learning how to poach eggs much easier. This particular stainless egg poacher is approximately $60 and is well worth the price.

Finding the right egg poacher is a matter of personal choice and depends largely on how often you plan to use your egg poacher, your budget and your lifestyle. By using the information in these egg poacher reviews, you can begin to determine which egg poacher will best suit your needs and find the perfect egg poacher for you and your family.

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