Easy to Use Egg Poachers

Egg poachers are a great addition to any kitchen and provide an easy way to make savory egg dishes, such as eggs Benedict, as well many non-egg foods including poached fish, poultry, pudding and fruit. There are a variety of egg poacher options available, including electric egg poachers and microwave egg poachers, or you can select from stovetop options, such as a nonstick egg poacher or a stainless steel egg poacher.

A stainless egg poacher is always a popular choice that allows for even heating and easy cleaning, while purchasing a nonstick egg poacher will help to ensure that your poached eggs hold together well and will make for a better presentation when served. Of course, microwave egg poacher fans prefer to bypass the stainless egg poacher in favor of a microwave egg poacher cooker that can cut cooking time by at least half, depending on the desired consistency of the egg.

Making poached eggs with a microwave egg poacher set is a very simple process that involves filling the egg poacher pan with enough water to cover the bottom half of each egg poacher cup, placing a shelled egg in each cup and covering the egg poacher set with the included lid. If your microwave egg poacher set did not come with a lid, you can simply use plastic wrap, being careful that it does not touch the eggs. You then simply microwave on high for 60-90 seconds and carefully remove each poached egg from its egg poacher cup.
Electric egg poachers and stainless steel egg poachers work a little differently, but require the same basic preparation and steps to create a spectacular poached egg for a quick breakfast or a special meal. Many single people and couples will opt for a smaller 2 egg poacher, while larger families and folks who like to entertain will find that a 4 egg poacher or 6 egg poacher will prove to be a more useful addition to their cookware.

Even if you have never before made poached eggs, you will find that learning how to poach an egg and how to use egg poachers is a simple task that, once mastered, will quickly become a mainstay in your cooking repertoire.


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